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Thanksgiving Eve DUI Charges in California | What You Need to Know

There are few criminal charges more damaging to a person's life than those involving driving under the influence. These charges can warrant high fines, jail time, and significantly affect a person's ability to travel. This Thanksgiving Weekend, especially on Thanksgiving Eve, many people will make the unfortunate mistake of getting…
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What Happens if I Get a DUI With a CDL in California?

There are few things worse than being arrested and charged with a DUI. Unfortunately, the consequences of a DUI are often even harsher if you were under the influence at the time you were operating a commercial vehicle. Please continue reading and reach out to our Red Bluff criminal lawyer…
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What Happens if I’m Convicted of a Drug DUI Charge in California?

When someone is accused of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they have a lot to worry about. Even a drug DUI can have significant and lasting impacts on a person's life. Our firm has helped countless people who were up against drug DUI charges over the…
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What Happens if I Get a Second DUI in California?

There are few things worse than being charged with a DUI, as a DUI can have several significant and far-reaching impacts. That being said, if you've been charged with a second DUI within 10 years, you simply cannot afford to proceed without an experienced Red Bluff criminal lawyer. Our firm…
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Can I Receive a Hardship License in the State of California?

A DUI conviction can drastically affect a person's life for months, or even years into the future. This is primarily because most DUI convictions entail license suspensions or revocations. That being said, if you were caught driving under the influence, you may be eligible to receive a hardship license. Please…
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Does BAC Affect the Severity of a DUI in California?

Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, driving while intoxicated is a mistake far too many people make. However, we don't believe that one night's mistake should haunt a person for the rest of his or her life. That being said, a high BAC (blood alcohol content) DUI absolutely has the power to…
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