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What Are the Penalties for Cocaine Possession Charges in CA?

Cocaine is a controlled substance, and if you recently were charged with cocaine possession, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Please continue reading and reach out to our knowledgeable Tehama County drug crimes lawyer to learn more about the consequences you may face and how our firm can help you fight them. Here are some of the questions you may have regarding the legal process ahead:

What are the penalties for cocaine possession charges in the state of California?

As you can imagine, the penalties for possessing cocaine can be severe. For example, if you are caught in possession of cocaine, you will likely face a felony prison sentence ranging anywhere between 16 months and three years, as well as a potential $20,000 fine. That said, if law enforcement determines that you possessed cocaine with the intent to sell it, you will most likely face anywhere between two and four years of incarceration and a potential $20,000 fine. Intent to sell cocaine base (i.e. crack) you can face up to five years of incarceration.

If you are allegedly caught in possession of more than one kilogram of cocaine, the judge will have the discretion to add anywhere between three and 25 years of incarceration to your sentence. You may also face a maximum $8,000,000 fine. If you are accused of selling cocaine and crossing at least two state lines to do so, you can face up to nine years of incarceration. Rather obviously, these penalties are very harsh, and you should not face them without a competent attorney in your corner. Cohen Criminal Law has fought for those accused of crimes in California for decades, and we are prepared to fight for you as well.

What are some of the most common defenses against these charges?

Though the specific defense we apply depends on the circumstances of your charges, some of the most common defenses against cocaine possession charges are as follows:

  • You were unlawfully stopped
  • The officer did not have a search warrant
  • The evidence was unlawfully seized
  • You were caught due to an illegal wiretap
  • You were unlawfully arrested

We can use these defenses to potentially shut the case against you down altogether. However, in certain cases, we can fight for viable alternatives and work out a favorable plea deal on your behalf. The bottom line is that no matter your circumstances, you need a knowledgeable attorney who can fight your charges, every step of the way. Our firm is here to help.