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What Happens if You Violate Parole in California?

In California, most people serving time in prison are eligible for parole at some point in their sentence. This is a positive way to allow inmates to get out early and readjust to society, given that they agree to certain terms. If you violate parole, you could face harsh repercussions. To acquire the skills of an experienced attorney, contact a Red Bluff criminal lawyer today.

What is Parole?

Parole form of early release for certain people convicted of a crime and sentenced to time in prison. When an inmate agrees to abide by certain conditions they may be released before the full term of their sentence was served. They are still under the control of the state, but they are given the opportunity to leave the prison and return to their lives.

When someone is released from jail on parole, they have to follow certain rules and regulations. Some of these rules include:

  • Obtaining employment within a reasonable time frame
  • Agreeing to random and warrantless searches
  • Checking in regularly with your parole officer
  • Registering with local authorities if you are a sex offender, arson offender, drug offender, etc.
  • Living within county limits
  • Requesting permission before traveling certain distances
  • Having no contact or association with known gang members
  • Obeying all laws

How Does Someone Violate Parole?

You can be considered in violation of your parole by breaking a California state law or acting in disregard of any condition of your parole. Some examples of how a person can violate their parole are as follows.

  • Leaving the country without getting approval from your parole officer
  • Being seen with known gang members
  • Purposefully missing check-ins with your parole officer
  • Failing to register as a sex offender with local authorities
  • Breaking a new law not associated with your prior sentencing

Any of the above examples means that you are acting in a way not conducive to the agreement you made when you were let out of jail on parole. If you are caught you can face serious penalties and consequences.

What Are the Consequences for Violating Parole?

If you violate the terms of your parole, you can be subject to a parole violation hearing where a board will determine whether or not you violated a condition of your parole and if your parole will be revoked or not.

If you are found to be in violation of the terms of your parole without a valid reason, your parole will be revoked. You will be reincarcerated for one year.

If you are found to be in violation of the terms of your parole because you broke a new law, the board will sentence you to up to one year in prison. It is important to note that the district attorney may press charges related to the new violation and you can face additional consequences separate from your parole violation.