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Will I Go To Prison for a Vehicular Manslaughter Conviction in CA?

A vehicular manslaughter conviction can impact your life forever, which is why if you find yourself charged with such a crime, you must continue reading and reach out to our experienced Red Bluff criminal lawyer to learn more about the charges you’re facing and how our firm can help you fight them. Here are some of the questions you may have about this charge and how our legal team can work towards the best possible outcome on your behalf:

How does California law define vehicular manslaughter?

In the state of California, if you are arrested for causing the death of another person due to your operating a motor vehicle either negligently, you will most likely face vehicular manslaughter charges. That being said, you should understand that the prosecution must prove several things before you can be convicted of vehicular manslaughter.

First, they will have to prove that you were operating a motor vehicle, such as a car, recklessly. Some actions that may qualify as reckless driving include driving while intoxicated, texting while driving, or driving at excessive speeds. If the courts can prove that reckless driving was the direct cause of death, you will most likely be convicted of vehicular manslaughter.

What are the penalties for vehicular manslaughter?

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may face a wide array of charges. They are as follows:

  • If it is determined you acted with ordinary negligence: Up to one year of incarceration
  • If it is determined you acted with gross negligence: Up to six years in state prison

Additionally, upon conviction, you can expect to face a wide range of additional penalties, such as high fines, a driver’s license suspension, and more. You will also develop a criminal record, which can prevent you from getting certain jobs, renting certain places to live, and more.

The bottom line is that a vehicular manslaughter charge is not to be taken lightly, which is why you need an experienced California criminal defense attorney on your side. Our legal team is prepared to fight for you, every step of the way.

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