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Will I Lose My Driver’s License if I Get a DUI in California?

Getting a DUI, whether it’s your first or subsequent, can result in very serious penalties. If you recently were charged with driving under the influence, you’re most likely wondering whether you’ll lose your driver’s license. Please continue reading and reach out to a knowledgeable and aggressive Shasta County criminal lawyer from Cohen Criminal Law today to learn more about the potential penalties for DUIs and how we can help you fight them. Here are some of the questions you may have.

Will I lose my driver’s license for a first offense DUI in California?

When someone gets a DUI, even for the first time, they can expect to face a wide array of penalties that can impact them for years down the road. One of these penalties, among others, is a driver’s license suspension. Typically, for a first-offense DUI in California, you can expect to lose your driver’s license for up to six months. You may also face high fines and between 48 hours and six months in county jail.  Rather obviously, even first-offense charges shouldn’t be faced without a competent Tehama County DUI lawyer on your side.

For how long will I lose my driver’s license after a second or third DUI in California?

If you get a second DUI, you can expect to lose your driver’s license for even longer than a first DUI. When someone gets a second-offense DUI, they will most likely lose their driver’s license for up to two years. They can expect to face additional consequences as well, including DUI school, between 10 days and one year of incarceration, a $2,500 fine, installation of the ignition interlock device in their vehicle, and more. For a third DUI, you will most likely lose your driver’s license for at least three years, face between 120 days and one year of incarceration, five years of probation, and enrollment for at least 30 months in a DUI program.

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