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Lewiston Criminal Lawyer

There is nothing worse than seeing flashing lights and knowing you’re about to be charged with a crime. That said, if you were recently arrested and are now facing criminal charges, you shouldn’t give up hope–with the right criminal defense attorney in your corner, you stand a strong chance of successfully fighting your charges and having them mitigated, or, in the best cases, dropped altogether. If you need a Lewiston criminal lawyer to defend you, you’ve come to the right place. Please continue reading and contact Cohen Criminal Law to learn more about the criminal cases we handle and how we can help fight for your future at every turn.

Should I Hire a Criminal Lawyer in Lewiston, CA to Represent Me?

Attorney Gregg Cohen of Cohen Criminal Law has well over three decades of experience representing those facing criminal charges here in the state of California, and he is prepared to put that experience to work for you in your case. If you are facing charges involving any of the following, you can turn to us for help:

Cohen Criminal Law | 30 Years of Experience Handling DUI Charges

DUI charges come with a wide range of penalties. In many cases, people don’t understand just how serious these charges are, when in fact, a DUI can land a person behind bars, warrant a license suspension, high fines, and more. Here at Cohen Criminal Law, we proudly handle the gamut of DUI charges on behalf of our clients, including the following:

Contact a Lewiston, CA Criminal Defense Lawyer from Cohen Criminal Law

Don’t face criminal charges alone. Do yourself a favor and retain the services of a seasoned legal team who truly cares about your future. Hire Cohen Criminal Law so we can get started working on your case.

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