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Helping Commercial And Professional Drivers Stay On The Road

To truck drivers and other commercial drivers: Gregg Cohen respects the work that you do both on and off the road. The work is long and hard and benefits everyone as your deliveries put food on tables or your other driving services supply the necessities of life. Oftentimes it is also a thankless job – and it comes with many risks, including receiving traffic tickets. At Cohen Criminal Law, you will find a lawyer who is proud to be available to defend your driving record and driving privileges.

If you are a commercial driver and are cited for traffic violations, you are smart to fight them every time, even if you believe they are minor. Mr. Cohen helps professional drivers prevent getting points on their records after receiving traffic tickets. He is ready to act aggressively while fighting your ticket and protecting your commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Representing Local And Out-Of-State Truck Drivers

Mr. Cohen’s extensive experience in Shasta and Tehama counties can be an asset in your case after you have been ticketed in this area, no matter where you live. He primarily handles commercial traffic violation cases in this area. Each week, he works with the same judges who may handle your case in the local traffic court and the same law enforcement officers who may have written your ticket. He is familiar with their ways of operating; he speaks their language and knows what it takes to get results.

Because California participates in an Interstate Driver’s License Compact (DLC), traffic tickets in other states are reported in California and vice versa. A traffic violation anywhere may affect the driving privileges of Californians. For this reason, Mr. Cohen is a valuable source of hands-on advocacy for both in-state and out-of-state commercial drivers. He’ll fight your CDL ticket and will help secure your driver’s license.

Protect Your Driving Record, Commercial Driver’s License And Livelihood

Truckers and other professional drivers must meet higher standards than ordinary motorists do if they expect to keep their commercial driver’s licenses. Whether you were driving your professional vehicle for work or your private car or truck on your own time when you received a traffic ticket, a guilty plea may put your driving status at risk.

You may also incur penalties and suffer repercussions such as fines, points and increased insurance rates from your CDL ticket. If your citation for speeding or reckless driving ends with a verdict of guilt, you may lose your current job, as well as consideration for future driving jobs – including driving as an independent contractor for a company like Uber or Lyft.

Contact Mr. Cohen for advice if you are a commercial driver (a CDL holder) and have received any of these citations:

  • A speeding ticket
  • Any type of traffic ticket
  • A ticket because your truck’s load was over the legal weight limit
  • An unsecured load violation
  • A citation for driving over the legal hour limit (a logbook violation)

It makes no difference whether you drive a tractor-trailer (semi truck) or bobtail, or are pulling a trailer or fifth wheel with a pickup truck. Mr. Cohen is experienced, aggressive and ready to help. He cannot promise a specific result, but he does pledge to apply his skills diligently to pursue the best outcome attainable in your case. He is ready to fight your traffic ticket through a detailed review of all evidence and documentation, including radar/lidar calibration records and officer notes. He will fight hard to secure the most important outcome that you are looking for: no points added to your record.

CDL Holders: Get Advice On Your Traffic Ticket Now

Don’t worry about how to meet with a lawyer in person, how to get to the local traffic court or any other details. Let Mr. Cohen explain how he can help. Schedule a consultation by calling 530-763-1137 or completing this simple online form.