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Tehama and Shasta County Juvenile Criminal Charges

Few things are more frightening than having a child arrested and accused of a criminal act. You must act quickly to enlist the help of a criminal defense attorney who has a comprehensive understanding of California’s juvenile justice system. You need a lawyer who will be committed to minimizing the impact that a criminal charge will have on your child’s life.

Attorney Gregg S. Cohen of Cohen Criminal Law is a former district attorney and federal prosecutor who has committed nearly 30 years of extensive criminal law and trial advocacy skills to protecting and defending the rights of those accused of crimes. The firm represents juveniles in criminal matters throughout Tehama County, Shasta county and neighboring Northern California communities.

Mr. Cohen defends youth in juvenile court and youth who are charged as an adult in criminal court. He believes that every young person should be able to enter adulthood with a clean record and a chance to achieve their dreams. His longstanding commitment to criminal law is focused on aggressively advocating on a wide variety of cases, including:

Seeking Justice For Youth

In theory, California’s juvenile justice system is focused on treatment and rehabilitation of offenders rather than punishment. However, a young boy or girl who has a criminal record before they reach adulthood may face an uphill battle.

Juveniles who are accused of juvenile delinquency appear before a judge in a juvenile detention hearing. A judge may order that the juvenile remain in custody while awaiting a jurisdictional hearing or released to the custody of parents or a legal guardian.

In a jurisdictional hearing, a minor does not have a right to a jury trial. Rather, the case is tried before a juvenile court judge who will ultimately determine whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty. A trial-tested defense attorney is critical to protect the child’s rights.

If the youth is found guilty, the penalty will be determined in a disposition hearing. Punishments for status and delinquency offenses may include probation, restitution to the victim, fines, community service, completion of training programs and time in a correctional facility. A knowledgeable defense attorney can advocate at this stage on the child’s behalf.

Of course, if a child is tried as an adult, the stakes are extremely higher. There are multiple factors involved in the decision to try a juvenile as an adult. Here again, having a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in your corner – especially one who has decades of experience as a prosecutor – provides you a significant advantage.

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It is important to act quickly if your child has been arrested and faces criminal charges in Tehama or Shasta County. Inform the child that he or she does not have to answer questions from the police without a parent or a lawyer present, and then get legal representation immediately.

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