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It Often Makes Sense To Fight A California Traffic Ticket

There may have been a time when simply paying the fine that accompanies a traffic ticket in California made sense to get it behind you and get on with your life. Now, however, there are hefty fines attached to traffic violations. Plus, additional costs such as a hike in your insurance premium and the cost of completing traffic school can add to the financial hit. That doesn’t even take into account the points that will be leveled on your driver’s license, which could quickly accrue and result in the suspension of your driving privileges.

Does it make sense to enlist the help of a lawyer to fight a traffic ticket? In many instances, yes. Cohen Criminal Law advocates aggressively for driver’s in Tehama County, Shasta County and neighboring Northern California communities who wish to have a traffic ticket dismissed or pursue reduced charges. This includes CDL holders.

Situations That Warrant Fighting A Ticket

If you believe you have received a traffic ticket in error, whether it is a minor infraction such as running a red light or a carpool lane violation or a more serious offense such as reckless driving, it usually makes sense to fight it. Create a written record of the traffic stop and contact an experienced traffic violation attorney to discuss your options.

Many motorists make the mistake of being overconfident that they can advocate for themselves in court, only to encounter a strong-minded judge or a technicality that produces an outcome that is not in their favor.

In other situations, a traffic ticket may put a motorist over the points limit used by California to track drivers’ behavior. This could result in a driver’s license suspension of up to six month’s and you will be placed on probation for one year. Suddenly, everyday chores like picking kids up from school or getting to the grocery store become a problem.

Important Information About Reckless Driving

Although a motorist can receive a ticket for reckless driving for something as seemingly minor as speeding, swerving or tailgating, reckless driving is a criminal charge that will stay on your record. It’s not common to serve time in jail for reckless driving, but it is possible. If alcohol is involved, you may be charged with “wet reckless driving,” which can result in license suspension, up to three years of probation and the completion of a lengthy and expensive driver training course.

Make The Call To Save Yourself Headaches

It almost always makes sense to speak with an attorney if you have been cited for reckless driving. Your first call should be to an experienced criminal defense attorney like Gregg S. Cohen. If you are facing traffic ticket violations in Red Bluff, Redding, or the surrounding Northern California Counties, including Tehama, Shasta, Trinity, and Glenn Counties, you can contact the firm at 530-763-1137​ or use the online contact form to schedule a free consultation.