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Shingletown Criminal Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges, you will need a skilled attorney on your side. A criminal conviction can have devastating effects, and our Shingletown criminal lawyer is here to shield you from those potential consequences. Every day, Shingletown residents face criminal charges and they do not have the right representation. Luckily, our experienced legal team is here to help. Cohen Criminal Law has years of experience and is dedicated to representing you. Contact us today.

Do I Need a Shingletown Criminal Lawyer?

Attorney Gregg Cohen has over 30 years of experience successfully representing Shingletown residents in various criminal law matters. When it comes to criminal convictions, the right legal representation can make all the difference. If you are facing criminal charges, you will need a lawyer, so make sure it is a lawyer who will fight for you.

Our Legal Services

We will defend you whether you have been wrongly accused or simply made a mistake. Our firm understands that things happen and we will fight to defend you no matter what. Our firm has experience handling the following cases:

Penalties of Being Convicted of a Crime in California

Many people are unaware of the penalties that come with a criminal conviction. Depending on the circumstances of your crime, you may face years of incarceration. Additionally, you may face high fines, community service, and more. A DUI charge or repeated traffic violations will likely mean the loss of your license. This will make it difficult, if not impossible to get to work, among other things. Being convicted of a crime means a criminal record that will follow you for years to come. A criminal record may not seem like a big deal, but it can affect the jobs you can get, where you can live, the loans you can apply for, and more. Our job is to make sure that these things do not occur.

Contact Our Shingletown Criminal Lawyer

If you are a resident of Shingletown, or anywhere in California, and you are facing criminal charges, speak with our firm. Our team of experienced and dedicated attorneys is here to advocate for you. We will explore all possible avenues of defense and work to have your charges reduced or even dropped. Contact Cohen Criminal Law to discuss your case today.

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