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Very professional and easy to work with.

- Ray B.

No one ever "plans to get in trouble," but when you find yourself in deep water, you definitely want Gregg Cohen in your corner. This man is amazing. From the very start, he told me exactly what was going to happen, and he was right. It took some time, but we did the work and it paid off. He and his staff were very responsive in getting in touch with me over the last two years every time there was an update in the case. We succeeded in having 5 misdemeanors wiped from my record as well as the records sealed. Wow! I have no words. I feel so blessed and relieved. I can breathe. This man can do whatever he sets his mind to do. Thank you, Lisa and Gregg! Bless you and yours.

- C.J.

Gregg Cohen took on my case with confidence and aggressively destroyed the Tehama district attorney. Working with Gregg was an absolute pleasure his knowledge of law and facts were above my expectations. The staff he has are the kindest, nicest, and most professional as anyone could ask for. The whole experience with this case was put to rest with comfort. Thank you, Mr. Cohen and Lisa you are the best. Thank you for your help!!!

- Roger L.

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness.

- Kevin O.

I received a ticket in a semi-truck in the Red Bluff area. I contacted Gregg Cohen at Cohen Criminal Law. If you get a ticket & don't want to worry about the outcome, look no further.

- Mark B.

Thx 4 victory in the war against the machines -Redding, Ca stoplight cameras. Humanity lives to drive commercially another day.

- Joseph G.

Best experience I have ever had with a lawyer. Very personable and caring. Definitely would recommend his services! Mr. Cohen is the best in the business in my option!

- Craig F.

I acquired Mr. Cohen's legal services in regards to a commercial traffic citation a year prior. The citation was supposed to be a "fix-it" ticket for a low tire (30 P.S.I.), written to my employer due to a "employer responsibility" card. However, it turned out to be written to me as a misdemeanor Unsafe Vehicle Operation. My license was suspended for Failure to Appear and Failure to Pay a Fine. I hired Mr. Cohen to represent me and he and his office handled everything. He was able to get my case dismissed and all of my fines/fees returned to me. Communication with both Mr. Cohen and his office was excellent with both phone calls and emails for any updates on case status. I would highly recommend contacting Mr. Cohen for any of his legal services. Thank you, Cohen Law Office!!!

- Brian M.

One of the best lawyer in Red bluff CA with adequate knowledge of handling the case do contact his office if you have any traffic citations Lisa is so polite hats off to her for her behavior and follow ups

- Sharanjot S.

Highly recommended attorney!! From day one of meeting Mr. Cohen, my case proceeded exactly as he had planned. I was given an honest assessment of best and worst case scenarios, and an analysis of what he believed he was capable of doing to sway the proceedings in my favor. Today was my final hearing and everything Mr. Cohen had predicted happened (to the T). The prices of his services are extremely reasonable, especially considering the quality and attentiveness that was provided at all times, and there were no hidden or surprise charges along our year and a half working together. Communications have been excellent. All steps throughout my case were thoroughly explained and I always felt informed. Again, I highly recommend Attorney Gregg Cohen to anyone seeking legal assistance.

- Dustin K.

Gregg Cohen Law provided excellent service! Right away we knew they knew what they were doing. They have a lot of experience and it shows. They were very organized and helpful. We had a lot of confidence that we were getting the best representation possible. Any time we had questions they got right back to us with answers. Highly Recommend!

- Gina O.

Mr.Cohen provided me with excellent service and got my case dismissed. I highly recommend his services.

- Daniel C.

Best attorney he just got my case dismissed I will recommend him any time give him a call very helpful and professional

- Mauricio P.

Cohen Criminal Law is without a doubt the best in the business. I am truly grateful to have been represented by Mr. Cohen. From beginning to end my experience was everything I could of asked for and more. When my case was dropped the Judge literally said and I quote, "You have the best lawyer in the world." Though I am sure Mr. Cohen would graciously deny those claims you would be hard pressed to find anyone better suited to defend and represent you. He works closely with a private investigator who is also the best you could ever ask for and the office staff are equally professional and outstanding. If I could rate higher than 5 stars I would. His experience and expertise are evident the moment you speak with him and the presence is felt even more so in the court room.

- Taylor M.

Mr. Cohen handled my case with efficiency and expediency. I would highly recommend his services!

- Tom B.

Absolutely satisfied with this law office. This man was honest, responded very quickly to my concerns, and I got a positive outcome to my ticket. Very cool guy...as a parolee who messed up badly once, I was freaking out over this ticket he handled it, and after a year of no tickets, my case was dismissed. Hire him.... he is good.

- Ian M.

I was so lucky to have COHEN CRIMINAL LAW and GREG COHEN to represent me and dismiss my traffic ticket at Tehama court. GREG COHEN is an honest lawyer. He is not just there to fight for your case but also will give you parental advice, thank you and I was so grateful for the help. and LISA COHEN thank you and appreciated the work you have done for your people. All truck drivers if you need an honest lawyer reach GREG COHEN.

- Abdirahman A.

Cohen support was very clear, responses timely and despite a few discussion points, we had to agree on I really enjoyed working with Mr. Gregg Cohen. Thanks!

- Oleksiy B.

They were amazing. Communication and support was unparalleled for this county.

- Albert C.

I highly recommend the services of Cohen Criminal Law. Mr. Cohen and his office are a blessing to those of us who have made legal mistakes. From my initial consultation to the resolution of the case, Mr. Cohen was professional, responsive, and never stopped working for the best favorable outcome. He was easy to work with. He was open, honest, and upfront with me on how everything is done and about the hurdles we would face. Mr. Cohen was an attentive listener and was there for me, not to judge. He gave me a sense of relief from the beginning. His communications were always clear, concise and he made sure I understood his strategy, which is what you want. Mr. Cohen has a solid legal background. His legal knowledge is impeccable. His legal advice was always straight forward and the guidance throughout the entire process was second to none. He continually tried to put my mind at ease through the entire nerve-wracking process. Mr. Cohen was courteous, friendly, and always replied to my inquiries promptly. God bless him and his law office for all that they do to help those in legal trouble. I’m so grateful for their effort and I truly appreciate all he did for my case. Thank You Cohen Criminal Law.

- Walt J.

I employed Mr. Cohen of Kucera & Cohen Law offices. Mr. Cohen got a positive result in my case for which I was very grateful. He and his team were very professional and handled everything in a timely manner keeping me informed throughout the process. Also took the time to personally phone to inform me of the result. They also followed up in writing to explain all relevant details. I would recommend their firm and would use them again myself without hesitation.

- Richard

I was very happy to be able to get Mr. Cohen as an attorney, as he was very accommodating, handled all the details, and ended up getting my case dismissed. The ticket itself could have some dire consequences, I am so grateful that Mr. Cohen was able to work his magic and get the best deal possible -- the ticket being removed entirely. I would recommend Mr. Cohen to anyone, should you come to find yourself in a bit of trouble.

- Peter

Mr. Cohen got me the results I wanted and more! I would highly recommend him to anyone who feels stuck and doesn’t know what to do. He guided me very well!

- Miguel R.

I got a traffic ticket during the pandemic and he helped me. He is a very good lawyer. He listens to you and is very professional. If you have any doubts, he always answers the phone, I recommend him without a doubt.

- Aleida

He was nothing but professional from day one. He always accepted my calls and answered every question for me. My experience was over the top and I recommend him to anyone.

- Erik V.

I honestly do not know where to even begin in giving a review on these people. I have had more than my fair share of legal issues in my years but I have never encountered someone who cared so much and worked so hard for me even long after his obligations were met. I don't even live in California. I was out there visiting and found myself with a DWI case. I found Gregg online and after interviewing several lawyers via phone I was confident Greg was the best choice due to his demeanor and experience as a prosecutor in the area. He even helped me get an amendment to the court order free of charge after the case was closed which helped me get past the CA conditions preventing me from getting my license back. If you're looking for someone intelligent and hard-working then call him. You'll find very quickly he is the right guy!

- Tom W.

I came to the law offices of Gregg Cohen confused, without support and with a lawyer that I hired prior to him who did nothing for me. I obtained Gregg to represent me in a legal matter that needed attention and resolution and he was able to get that for me within weeks, after a grueling, lengthy, process of almost one year with no movement with my prior lawyer! Gregg was diligent, responsive, flexible, extremely professional and demonstrated a great sense of knowledge in the court/legal system. If you are looking for quality legal services, Gregg is the individual you want to talk to! Hands down one of the best representations out there. I would recommend his services to anyone in need!

- Robin F.

Hands down the best experience I’ve had with an attorney period. I had paid a different lawyer to handle my case and he did not show up. Mr. Cohen took great care with my case every step of the way and contacted me frequently to update me on what was happening and made sure I understood. I live all the way on the East Coast and felt very lost and searched through ten lawyers before I found Mr. Cohen. He listened to everything I asked and provided very detailed emails and in the end was able to get me the results I wanted! He is very easy to talk to and will make you feel very comfortable. I could not be happier and only wish I could use his services all over the United States. Five stars only because I can’t put 10!

- Mia M.

I am in Portland Oregon and I recently needed Mr. Cohen to represent me in court for an issue in California. I am very happy I made the choice for him to represent me. He was on my side the whole way and spent a lot of time defending me and working hard to get the outcome that worked best for me. Hopefully, I will never need an attorney again but If I do I will call him first and I will definitely recommend him to anyone who is in need of a lawyer in Northern California.

- Jared H.

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